‘Things that get lost in the orchard’ by Orchard Keeper Terry – full text below the images

‘Things that get lost in the orchard’

2 and a half pairs of sunglasses

Water bottles

bogged tractors (to be retrieved in early summer)

Where we were up to, thinning

the sense of time passing


My shadows in the grass as clouds pass

Cows (not really lost. Partying ‘innocently’ as if lost)

sounds, voices, songs, on the wind

can’t see the forest for the trees

My keys

Sorry, left my secateurs, Be right back

Row 13

Not sure if row 13 is there,

is not there,

was ever there,

was never there,

or if I am just lost

in it

Kangaroos, cockatoos, earwigs, slugs, snails, rosellas, foxes, brown snakes, red belly black snakes,

hares, turtles, lizards, spiders, butterflies, lichen, moths, fungus, beautiful iridescent blue ants that

Sam found (Actually, duh, none of these are lost)

Sewing needle and twine for repairing nets

Sanity (No, not really)

The bigness (Yes, really)

Knives, twine, lunch, hooks, hats, beanies and gloves.

Hankies, earrings, dummies (spat), sharpening stones,

things you know you should have left at home

things that will probably be found in a year or so

Only, tiny, rarely, things that make you cry for losing

Things that never get lost in the orchard: